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Artificial Intelligence-enabled CX tool

Human conversation powered by AI-assisted responses

Continuous machine learning with each customer interaction results in accurate, quick, and natural conversations

We have introduced an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled assistance tool to enhance the customer support experience. As we started to expand and solidify our digital engagement strategy, we recognized our need to leverage AI and machine learning to help agents increase their accuracy and efficiency.

The assistance tool, called ChatHelper, allows our agents to use automated suggestions to increase their case-resolution rates. It gives them access to knowledge base articles, predetermined workflows, and to update automated messages, allowing them to customize the customer engagement experience further. By using confidence intervals and predictive machine learning, the tool will position content prominently on the screen for an agent. The tool provides the best piece of content for the customer when they need it, within a 90% confidence.

We have successfully reduced escalations, improved workflows by resolving as many cases as possible, and helped to provide feedback to improve the tool.

The tool processes existing service/product details, CRM data, and ongoing customer interactions to suggest the most relevant response on the agent’s console. Through machine learning, the tool continuously optimizes responses based on customer interactions that the contact center agents handle and through knowledge base updates and from training materials. ChatHelper makes responding to the customers promptly more efficient, since everything is in one dashboard, and agents do not have to go through multiple sections of the pages.

Best of human & AI

Agents can edit & modify AI-assisted responses

Accurate & consistent responses

Better customer conversations

Fast ramp up & training for agents

Machine learning

Agent Efficiencies with lower engagement time and accurate responses

Converts customer interactions into revenue events


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