RightENGAGE Customer Engagement Solutions

As an extension of your brand, Knoah provides flexible, innovative and creative solutions to meet your needs and your customers’ expectations.

Whether it’s through voice, chat, email or social media, our RightENGAGE Customer Engagement Solutions allow you to tailor the right blend of channels with the right people, right processes, right technology and right delivery locations to engage with your customers at a price point that fits your KPI goals and budgetary requirements.

How We Engage With You
Right People
Right Technology
We invest in our own technology innovations, third party tools and security certifications to deliver on and enhance your customers’ experience
Right Processes
Right Channels
Right Locations

We’re not just a vendor for outsourcing services – we’re a committed partner. We believe the best way to make our clients happy is to tailor our services around their unique business and needs, and provide them with the solutions that quickly deliver exceptional results. While many BPO providers say “no way” to flexible, dynamic partnerships, we contrast that with the “Knoah way”. We make it a point to be easy to do business with not just at the beginning of the relationship but years down the road.

Our Partnership Engagement Model
Consultative Review

Business Process Expertise / Discovery

We will constantly try to exceed your expectations, but we can’t do that without your goals and objectives on how you believe your care center should operate. Our partnership starts with an open exchange at all levels: Hiring, Training, Scheduling, Technology, Reporting and Floor Operations. At this meeting, your team states what they want and need from our team. Knoah takes the opportunity to get an in-depth understanding of your culture, vision, objectives and requirements, and build a detailed initial plan around them.

Solution Aligned to VOC & VOB

We will not only align a solution to meet the needs of your customers, we will also design a strategy to meet the needs of your business over the longer term. Our initial consultation meetings lead to software, outsourcing and training solutions designed specifically for your program. We help you to define, map and analyze your organization’s existing business processes, allowing us to identify areas of need and improvement. We then outline a plan that takes into consideration the right processes and the right blend of channels to enhance your customers’ experience. Many of our engagements start with pilots that help us jointly develop a concrete approach to a new channel or delivery model with low risk before proving out ROI and moving to a larger production model.

How We Engage With Your Customers

Understanding how your customers want to communicate with you and catering to those needs is more critical today than ever in this highly competitive, global business environment.

We call our customer engagement solution RightENGAGE because we use the communication tools and strategies right for your customers in the way they want to communicate with you. By providing that flexibility, we build a strong relationship with your customers in ways that make them want to come back for service, rather than dread it. Because we offer the full spectrum of customer-facing services in multiple languages, you can choose the right channel or blend of channels to engage with your customers.


Your customers need an option to hear a friendly, knowledgeable voice. Knoah personalizes your customers’ experiences by giving them the ability to talk to an agent that is highly skilled at listening to their needs, determining the right solution and communicating that solution to the customer at the right level of detail to match their abilities. Knoah’s voice solution combines our strong operational foundation and our award-winning, quality processes to give your customer that personal touch they’re looking for while providing them with best possible resolution to their issue the first time they call. Our scalable and redundant VOIP infrastructure and our innovative, cloud-based workforce optimization technology, KnoahsARK, ensures agents are always at their best, thus ensuring long term partnership success.

Our voice interactions are evaluated by dedicated Quality Analysts that are highly calibrated and knowledgeable on the programs they support. Agents receive individual coaching, and we track those metrics to demonstrate improvement over time. Since we believe in the transparency of our operations, you can always login from our online portal to listen to call recordings, view analytic reports and observe agents in real-time.

How We Engage With Our People

Our people are passionate about what they do and it shows through the way they interact with your customers and each other.

Knoah encourages our people to reach their highest potential by providing them with relevant training, challenging them to excel beyond what they think they can achieve, and recognizing and rewarding them for job well done. We take pride in the fact they consider Knoah as part of their family.

Engage With People

Knoah’s engagement solutions let you be great at what you do.