TotalAssure QA Offers A Complete Solution For Diverse Companies


The Knoah TotalAssure QA solution combines our experience and technology into a quality assurance offering that’s quick and easy to implement. In previous case studies, our solution has proven to save front-line supervisors six hours per week that can be used to improve coaching and agent interactions.


Not all companies are aware of the significance call centers play in the overall business lifecycle. A CMO customer engagement report found.

  • 56% Customers didn’t return after a negative experience
  • 14% Companies give high priority to customer-focused activities
  • 8% Companies deliver an integrated customer experience
  • 55% Companies have just started re-evaluating their care center procedures

Companies that have implemented TotalAssure QA achieved.

  • Increased customer-facing feedback by 50%
  • Improved agent quality scores by 15%
  • Training time decreased by 15%
  • Overall company sales conversions rose by 8%.

What You Can Learn From Your Least Satisfied Customers


Knoah Solutions has pioneered the process of DSAT Analysis. This innovative procedure is the detailed collection, aggregation, codification, review, reporting and analysis of the specific transactions identified as “Dissatisfied” by customers through Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Surveys.

Key Takeaways

DSAT Analysis helps us to understand possible opportunities around two dimensions; Client and Service Opportunity


Knoah's New Nearshore Contact Center in Honduras


Knoah's Honduras location is a state-of-the-art facility that makes use of local resources and the brand’s commitment to technology-driven customer care solutions. The site is overseen by highly experienced operational and quality managers ready to meet with partners to design training and solutions for individual companies.

Key Takeaways

When a business chooses to invest in outsourcing, it needs to make sure every penny provides a return on investment. That’s why Fortune 500 companies and smaller organizations turn to Knoah to provide the customer engagement solutions, third-party quality assurance and back-office processing they need. Knoah now expands those efforts with a new contact center facility in Tegucigalpa, Honduras for businesses that want to nearshore their customer-facing operations. The Honduras facility offers the same ability to deliver high quality customer support
as their other contact centers around the world while also featuring unique benefits that can’t be found elsewhere.