Focus on Quality

TotalAssure QA is Knoah’s award-winning, third-party quality assurance offering developed for organizations that have limited budget, time, staffing, tools or in-house expertise to effectively manage a comprehensive quality assurance program.

Companies that have implemented TotalAssure QA

  • Increased customer-facing feedback by 50%
  • Improved agent quality scores by 15%
  • Training time decreased by 15%
  • Overall company sales conversions rose by 8%
current QA processes
In-depth initial assessment of current QA processes
Accurate and well-calibrated
Accurate and well-calibrated QA
Actionable agent/team
Actionable agent/team lead feedback
Score carding & benchmarking
Score carding & benchmarking
Customer satisfaction surveying
Customer satisfaction surveying
Social media monitoring
Social media monitoring

TotalAssure Value Proposition

To deliver Just-in-Time (JIT) feedback on voice and electronic customer interactions to substantially & quantifiably improve agent performance, customer satisfaction, and deliver value to our clients. We focus on improving quality. We provide feedback to improve performance and create value.

Fact check – Customer Experience?

  • 56% Customers didn’t return after a negative experience
  • 14% Companies give high priority to customer-focused activities
  • 8% Companies deliver an integrated customer experience
  • 5% Companies have just started reevaluating their care center procedures


Focus on Quality

Knoah takes a consultative approach to discovering and uncovering factors that are affecting the quality of your customer interactions. During our pre-launch assessment, we review your quality program with your operations, quality, training and executive team. Our quality consultants will prepare a gap analysis report and recommendations based on the review of your:

Accurate and well-calibrated
Trends and Outliers

We jointly develop a program implementation roadmap to address your current gaps and pain points.

The Initial Analysis – Typical Pain Points

  • Inconsistent coverage across the agent population
  • Inconsistent & non-calibrated scoring across multiple centers
  • Frontline agents frustrated with lack of feedback and inconsistency of the existing QA process
  • Multi-lingual agents
  • Multi-site LOBs
  • Multi-vendor setup
  • Providing actionable feedback is a challenge
  • Handling score appeals & updating scores is a nuisance
  • Multiple quality systems & reporting platforms or manual tracking through spreadsheets

Meeting the Needs of Every Level of Your Organization

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CEO & Executive Team

Steve looks at the big picture, and most of the time that is the bottom line. But to understand what is affecting the bottom line, his team needs to provide reporting and analysis across all operational areas. Steve’s teams are reporting extremely low CSAT numbers.


  • Cloud-based QA/WFO tools to view KPIs
  • Remote self-service access to dashboards and reporting
  • Expert analysis of - CSAT/DSAT scores, Quality attribute trends, Effective communication channels

Pain Points:

Internal staff isn’t knowledgeable in CSAT/DSAT analysis and do not have the expertise to understand:
  • What is driving their numbers down
  • How to effectively change their approach

VP/SVP of Customer Experience

Sheila is the voice of the customer. Collaborating with marketing, sales and operations, she needs to benchmark who are her customers and what they want. She is responsible for the overall revenue of her program and the retention of her customers.


Data about her customers' telephone and online interactions, in-house monitoring, KPIs such as AHT, FCR, Transfer rates and CSAT survey results.

Questions sheila asks regarding her customers are:

  • Are they happy?
  • Are they returning?
  • Does the product/service match or exceed their expectations?
  • Do we fulfill a need or a want within our industry?

Pain Points:

  • No insight on Product, Process, or Support improvement opportunity

Director of Customer Service

Sarah oversees the delicate balance of coordinating between the client’s needs and direction and vision of her company’s executive management. Sarah’s main focus is overall performance and ensuring that her client’s customers’ first impression represents the company’s mission and exceeds the customers’ expectations. This requires a mix of tools, software, processes and dedicated, well-trained employees.


  • Consistent and timely training on product releases
  • Self-help tools to manage daily KPIs
  • Ability to identify emerging trends
  • Coaching, monitoring and feedback processes

Pain Points:

Employees do not have a deep understanding of the systems they are using and lack training on new products creating extreme inefficiencies in call handling, documentation, which leads to poor customer support.

Director of Call Center Quality

Susan has the challenge of objectivity. She is required to view her call center from an outside perspective. Bogged down by manual evaluations and overwhelming amounts of data, she is unable to spend time coaching and training her team to ensure all SLAs are met.


Structured processes, integrated system to generate reports on:
  • Voice of the customer (VOC)
  • Call-in rate analysis

Pain Points:

  • Limited resources to implement a fully developed quality strategy
  • Multiple quality systems/reporting platforms
  • Tracking data through spreadsheets

Call Center Manager

Eric is all about details. He is expected to develop a team that is self-sufficient and meets expectations for all required SLAs. Eric's supervisors are inconsistent with coaching, monitoring, providing feedback and training due to juggling agent scheduling, H.R. items and assisting with escalated calls.


  • Create an environment where supervisors and agents can become self-sufficient
  • Access to one system that can assist with daily coaching, scheduling and training
  • Dashboards and reports to view agent and team stats

Pain Points:

Front line associates frustrated with lack of feedback and inconsistency of the existing QA process.



Transactions every year


Supported by TotalAssure QAs


Covered for one of our clients’ QA

Delivery Locations

USA, India, Honduras

TotalAssure QA solution process



Our team begins with an initial assessment of a company’s current operations. Every stakeholder meets with the  implementation team and voices his or her needs and concerns. The current strategies are evaluated using industry-specific metrics and onsite evaluations. The data collected from early observations should note                                                 problematic trends or holes in service.


Quality Management

Throughout the process, our team ensures every employee is satisfied with the performance of the new system. Daily performance is checked against quality guidelines to ensure the team has been calibrated correctly and that every team member is delivering consistent and efficient results. If metrics start to move in a negative                                              direction, quick feedback and training updates can curb behaviors before they develop into bad habits.


Determine Scope

Every company is different, and Knoah designs strategies based around a business’s specific demands. Early evaluations determine whether the TotalAssure QA process must focus on transaction type, language needs, systems, staffing or training. Some companies may want to adopt new channels for service, while others may have to restructure their hiring processes.


Reporting & Analysis

Knoah’s comprehensive infrastructure and access to a wide range of CRM and knowledge management software products enable us to deliver end-to-end solutions to you.

We can take care of provisioning Telco circuits, setting up IVR trees, procuring and configuring CRM software, and providing any custom application integration or reporting work that would be required to support any of your needs, and can be delivered within a single service or across multiple services as required.



Knoah has IT professionals who will help install the KnoahsARK software suite into the client company’s infrastructure. We also offer professionally trained recruiters, trainers and analysts who can implement new processes and coach front-line staff.

Working with the Knoah team, a client can quickly develop and adopt new procedures, create an integrated software system, learn which metrics are most important for success and train frontline employees on consistent, self-sufficient daily performance


Turnkey Delivery:

Knoah’s comprehensive infrastructure and access to a wide range of CRM and knowledge management software products enables us to deliver end-to-end solutions to you.

We can take care of provisioning Telco circuits, setting up IVR trees, procuring and configuring CRM software, and providing any custom application integration or reporting work that would be required to support any of your needs, and can be delivered within a single service or across multiple services as required.

Here is what you’ll receive as a Knoah TotalAssure QA client:

  • Dedicated Quality specialists that have been successful agents, supervisors and subject matter experts who understand the challenges and agents’ motivations.
  • Dedicated analytics support to identify, troubleshoot and repair problems in productivity and process.
  • We work with you to develop Blended, custom scorecards that allow stack ranking of agents on multiple KPI’s including, Quality, AHT, CSAT, FCR, ensuring the program will drive your specific business requirements.
  • We support both regular Quality evaluation processing and special projects (Deep dive, Fraud detection, etc.).

Business Drivers

  • Changing Competitive landscape

  • Improve agent effectiveness

  • Centralization of monitoring program

  • Develop consultive sales culture

  • Transform to center of excellence

  • Consistency of calibration

Technology – KnoahsARK

Knoah deploys one of the deepest and most comprehensive quality processes in the industry. Our quality process is broken up into distinct functions, which are managed through our award-winning, proprietary software, KnoahsARK.

Delivering Results

Case Study on Quality

  • Built a bilingual team of agents in India and U.S.
  • 50% increase in consistency of providing feedback to over 95% customer-facing agents
  • QA scores were over 93% calibrated
  • Non-compliance of process & behavior outliers were reduced by over 22% within 90 days
  • Full cloud-based QA/WFO tool deployed
  • 200+ supervisors, managers and executives have cloud-based access to feedback and daily dashboard reports
  • 5% of quality team focus on outlier management and special projects

Qualitative Outcomes

  • Unified Monitoring Process
  • 3rd party Eliminated Biases
  • Cost Effective 50% Savings
  • Consistent Monitoring 12/month
  • On-Demand Reporting
  • Robust Appeal Process

Achieve the results you are looking for