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Using the past to deliver better service in the future, Knoah’s ChatHelper powered by Augment combines the capabilities of artificial intelligence with the human touch of live agents to delight the customer.

ChatHelper’s knowledge base positions Knoah agents to better serve our clients, so their customers are assured of real-time answers to their most pressing questions. The engine was built on tens of thousands of past chat transcripts encompassing a broad variety of customer questions. Regular updates ensure the evolution of an intuitive system with increasingly predictive value.

Engineered to seamlessly work in the chat environment, ChatHelper uses the machine learning ability of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to keep agents ahead of the customer expectation curve.

While AI rapidly sifts through reams of data for more accurate answers, the live agent establishes rapport with the customer, actively listening, then drilling down to the root of the issue.

The backbone of ChatHelper is a dynamic engine built on transcripts of previous chats, an ongoing process that keeps information fresh and updated so agents are confident in the answers they provide. In addition, the learning capacity of AI creates an increasingly predictive system that anticipates a customer’s needs and positions the agent to address customer expectations:

Call centers are labor intensive and even as automation becomes increasingly popular, repeated surveys show that customers want to have access to live agents. With ChatHelper, powered by Augment, Knoah’s agents can handle multiple chats simultaneously while maintaining high-quality standards with each customer. Veteran agents will see their productivity rise while newer agents have a shorter ramp-up time.

AI is only as good as the people behind it: a knowledge base that is properly maintained and regularly updated, information that empowers agents to build rapport with customers and reinforce the brand, and services that leaves customers believing they were heard and respected. That’s customer delight. That’s Knoah’s ChatHelper, powered by Augment.


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